Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go Away Big Green Monster

When I first heard about the story in a schooling, I thought it was the best story that was ever invented! So I made a felt story based on that book. Now this my product of this felt story isn't as nice as the ones you see on google images, but it will do on such short notice. I do, however, need to emphasize that you should use this story with caution. I made felt stories that winter and gave them to my group of Early Childhood Educators. When I gave my classmate AI  "Go Away Big Green Monster", she refused to accept it because one boy learned, "Go Away" and used it against their parents.

So today at my circle time I decided to share the story and change the terms a little bit from "Go Away" to "Bye Bye". Just after reading the title, a child shouted out: "HEY, IT'S 'GO AWAY' not bye bye. I have the story at home" as she rolled her eyes. That's when I broke a sweat and just said, "Oh good, just seeing if you're listening to the story!" So, I ended up using "Go Away". By the way, these children are under four, they can't exactly read it.
Shame on me.
Although, after the story, I spoke to them about the phrase, "Go Away". Only used for monsters=)
* This post is dedicated to you AI =)

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