Thursday, July 3, 2014

my job.

I made this "Pony House" for those dear little ponies who roam around the daycare without a home.

This box lasted 3 months! It's breaking apart right now, but it's still standing!

Sometimes I go to work super early.
How early? Well, I'm too embarassed to say.
I hate to admit it, but I truly love what I do at work. It's very soothing and it exercises my many interests. I feel like I have a family there. Furthermore, I have the most amazing co-workers that I work with everyday. Just yesterday, my partner in crime baked me her famous Banana Chocolate Chip loaf (which, of course, I shared it with the other ladies!). I don't want to get too sappy. So, here's the end of it:

I love children.
I love to paint.
I love to decorate.
I love to bake.
I love to cook.
I love to make that super-gummy-bubble solution just to see a crack of smile.

I like to come home feeling I made a difference each and everyday.