Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holiday Baking

It has been quite a while since I updated my blogspot. I just have been so busy with my schedule. Currently enrolled in Langara College's Post Basic Program. I am doing my practicum at one of the most amazing site. I was working on several different activities that I will be sharing after this month blows over.

Meanwhile, I would like to share one of my over-due highlights. I have been working on my baking skills. Every winter holiday, I would bake shortbread. Not just any simple shortbread, MATCHA GREEN TEA SHORTBREAD! I decided to share my recipe me M. She and I decided to bake for a Kensington Community Center's Craft Fair 2011. I don't have an awesome picture to show for this amazing shortbread sale. It went out like hotcakes. A little blurry, but this would have to do:

As for the snowflake sugar cookies. M and I took a lot of time flooding them with icing. The sugar cookies recipe was a special one with a hint of orange zest. I felt in love with them immediately. I even shared some for my children at the daycare. I shared the shortbread recipe to the teachers that month. We ended up making a batch of shortbread for the Family Holiday Potluck. Quite the hit I must say.

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