Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Campfire Pokey

My class is getting into the theme of camping. I really needed some ideas, so I found a fun song courtesy of Story time with Miss Mollie and Story Time Katie. It's called the CAMP FIRE POKEY:

"Camping Pokey"

Sung to: "Hokey Pokey" 
You put your marshmallow in, 
You take your marshmallow out, 
You put your marshmallow in 
and you shake it all about, 
You do the campfire pokey, 
and you turn yourself around, 
And that's what it's all about, hey!

Of course I made some of my own favorite food and substituted marshmallow with potato, fish, shishkabob, chicken, corn, hot dog, hey-- may as well throw in a burger (from the last posting) and even an ice cream for the ending! Be sure to end it with a "You put your ice cream in... (Hide ice cream) HEY, what happened to my ice cream? ... IT MELTED=(" 


  1. Very cute! I love the addition of the disappearing ice cream.

  2. You did a great job with this! All the felt pieces look amazing. (Love the glitter ones!)

  3. I *LOVE* it! Your food looks so good, I want to eat it!

  4. Thank you Mollie Kay, fallingflannelboards and storytime katie! you three are truly inspirations=)

  5. These pieces are really detailed and beautiful!