Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Holidays are over!

I've been cheating on crafts with furniture.

Sixcranberries has become more of an interior designer than a felt story maker. My hubby and I have just bought our first town home and we are happy to say that we are home owners!!

 I must admit, I don't have much time as I use to. I have put away my felt materials and left this hobby for a little while. I don't mind sharing my everyday job displays. I find myself leaking the extra creativity on simple projects for everyday uses.

During the holidays, the preschoolers were bored with the same ol' activities. When they get bored, I start making things out of boxes. Boxes seem to never disappoint. Especially from my last post with the ponies. That box has been thrown out from all the over-use!

I've made a house. Gingerbread house to be exact. This time the kids decorated the box and placed little gingerbread people in there. It lasted for 4 weeks, but I think it's time for another new activity!

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