Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Does anybody know any good shark songs?
The only shark song I know is the "Baby Shark Song". I edited the song a little bit just to keep it preschool friendly. So it goes from "Baby shark, Mommy shark, Daddy shark, Grandma Shark, Grandpa Shark, Going Swimming, See a Shark, Swimming fast!" And that's all I do. It's a real simple song sung by children at camp and it really gets the children moving.
I made this puppet not too long ago, it's a finger puppet with a customized opened mouth. It all started one day when I was singing Five Little Monkeys swinging on the tree. One boy told me that it'd be cool if there were five alligators and a snappy shark who came to snap up the alligators. So... The next day, that's what I did. What can you really do with a shark? Except for that well-known Slippery Fish song.

I decided to read a story, called "Smiley Shark" By Ruth Galloway. It was a bit similar to that one story, "Big Al" By Andrew Clements Yoshi. Both stories are awesome by the way. It is about a heroic fish who ends up saving the day and makes friends.

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