Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, our week is filled with the theme of feelings! So far today we talked about what makes us happy and sad. We will save one entire day all devoted to angry. There are so much books about anger, which really entices and relates children to that feeling. One good book I have to mention is "Cool Down and Work Through Anger". My friend HW read this with the children and I thought she did an awesome job. Be sure to act out the actions and let them try out the "cool downs". It really works! Well, at least I think I do=) Right now, I'm sitting at home watching the food network while I'm making these "Feelings Book". I should have stuck with the main three- happy, sad and angry, but instead of keeping it simple, I wanted to share it all since all the pictures are too cute! I'm thinking about having the children talk about what makes them feel happy, sad, excited, proud, etc. I'll be there to jot their words down. Thank you to RA for the resource!

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